How to Properly Pack a Desk for a Move

Your desk is a massive part of your everyday life, as it provides the main surface that you spend a great deal of time working on. However, due to the large size and heavy weight of most desks, care needs to be taken when packing your desk to be moved to a new home to ensure that it does not become damaged and that the moving process goes by smoothly.

Packing a Desk for a Move

First things first, you should remove any drawers and the contents that they contain from your desk, and pack them in separate boxes. This will greatly reduce the overall weight of your desk and make it easier to lift. Alternatively, if the drawers can't be removed, tape them shut to prevent them from opening while moving.

It's a good idea to wrap the individual drawers in bubble wrap or moving blankets to prevent any damage. Be sure to label the boxes that you pack the drawers in to keep the unpacking process as simple as possible.

Once the drawers are removed or taped shut, you need to wrap the edges and legs of your desk to prevent damage that may occur while in transit. It's a good idea to use packing blankets, available at most moving and storage supply stores, secured with painter's tape, as they provide the thickest padding and can help cushion the wooden or metal edges of your desk from damage.

Moving and Unpacking the Desk

Then, you'll want to move your desk into the moving truck—it should be the first or one of the first items that you move. You'll either want professional movers to take the desk, or to have multiple people helping you, depending on the size and weight of your desk. The use of dollies and other similar pieces of equipment can help you get the desk up the ramp and into the truck.

Once the desk is actually within the truck, you need to ensure that it is in such a location where it won't be damaged by shifting objects, and won't shift itself and crush more fragile items. This means the ideal place for your desk is at the front of the truck, against two walls. Be sure to strap it in, if possible, to prevent any movement while taking turns.

You can stack light boxes on your desk, but avoid stacking too high, as boxes can fall over as the truck moves if stacked too precariously.

Then all you have to do is drive to your new home. Be sure to get help when moving the desk once again, and don't remove the moving blankets until your desk is in the location that you want it to be.

To learn more about packing and lifting specific items, reach out to local moving help services.

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